Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Review: Season 5, Episode 20: Problems of Love

Okay, I'm pathetic. I'm sorry. But I am finally writing this. You're getting a doll review next though. Episode reviews are harder to write than they look and I need something inbetween. Do you guys want City Style Bloom or Flora? 

Well, we start off exactly where we left off. The demon singing whales are here and everyone's distraught because they're evil now. 

Heeey. Their song, it's horrible. Reminds me of Mermaid Melody. Though these horrible "uuuuuhug!" motions of pain are just too bouncy. It looks awkward. I'm getting tired of Icy. Never ever ever leaving Tritannus? Well guess what! Later in the season, you, will never ever ever... get back together!

These whales are sitting here causing us ultimate pain. Strong whales, man. They finally get up and Bloom is about to attack the thing but NOPE, Musa says we can't hurt it. Why can't we ever hurt our enemies?! It's always someone saying not to! Usually Flora though!

Though at least this time Musa has a legit reason; that Melody can't function without them. Okay, I give you a pass, Musa. JUST GET OUT ICY AND TRITANNUS WHY ARE ALL OF YOUR LINES THE SAME

Now she's singing to the darn things and it sounds nothing like Romi Dames at all. I mean, it's really pretty, but this does not sound like her. She tells them to go home. How do giant whales get out of the Infinite Ocean and back to their own planet alone? They're gonna be swimming around space all afternoon aren't they.

So we head to the Pillar of Balance (wooo) and we've got to stabilize it. NO IT'S TIME FOR CONVERGENCE. Someone needs to count how many times we've done Convergence so far this Season. Come ooooon. Hey it worked. I still hate convergence.

Now we're riding up Melody on ROY'S YACHT. WITHOUT ROY. We have a small father/daughter moment and Musa mentions how maybe she could use her Sirenix wish to bring back her mom, but she knows it's not right.


Now we're talking to Faragonda about needing to acquire new skills. We need to 'understand the natural world'. Well, that's specific.

We need to understand how they work. Oh no stop Stella. Nature shouldn't be your new inspiration. You don't need a new inspiration stop stop.

We're in our room now and she's video-chatting to Brandon, listing off a million things she could totally do with nature but when he says the truth that that's too many things, she pretends the cellphone is breaking up and hangs up on him. Oh get out Stella.

Oh poor Flora is now her muse. Stella stop.

Tecna and Timmy are texting and looks like it's just time to talk about our boyfriends because Musa is talking about how she thinks Riven is cheating on her. HE'S NOT

Bloom is wondering about Sky and Sky is wondering about Bloom. No one can decide whether or not to call each other and then GUESS WHO WALKS IN DIASPRO YEAH HER


Diaspro calls Bloom to let her know she's gonna handle all of Sky's phonecalls from now on. I am so tired of Diaspro. I hate Diaspro.

Sky is in a big meeting talking about the incompetent council's subject when Bloom calls. Bloom you couldn't pick a worse time to become the relationship drama queen. Why did everyone decide to think about their boyfriends at once?!

Kiko draws a picture of Sky in a meeting and HOW DID HE KNOW 

Bloom says it can't wait yes it can Bloom stop that this relationship drama is just making me angry at this point. His phone rings again and DIASPRO SAYS SHE TOLD HER HE WAS IN A MEETING DIASPRO JUST LEAVE

Sky's mom lets him take the call but he missed her. Now Bloom's crying on her bed. "Did you try his cell?" "He didn't answer." HE WAS IN A MEETING.

Looks like miss guardian of sirenix was eavesdropping on all of our relationship drama. She sounds JUST like someone who is it. It's someone out of a Disney movie. It could be Grandmother Willow but I don't tthink so WHO is it she sounds just like.

She gives us some relationship advice about how if Bloom doesn't think he's interested in Diaspro she has nothing to worry about. "Maybe Diaspro isn't the problem, maybe I am." No you both are.

Flora reminds her of the pendant and how it shows his love for her and now everything is okay. Alright that took a while.

We're in our adventure outfits and we're going to the Alfea Aviary! That's pretty. "Ah! Nature! Right, my muse?" GO AWAY STELLA

No powers in here, only our intuition. Alright. We step in and a giant bird tries to eat Flora. That's nice. We're all running from the giant birds and hiding in flowers. We figure out the birds just wanted to eat some flowers we were in the way of so we decide to find some more to make a peace offering. 

There are some weird wind currents that apparently are just so amazing to be in. Come on you guys, you have wings and you fly you should know this feeling.

So we gathered a bunch of flowers and are holding them out for them to eat and take. But NOPE, Stella has to grab a red flower because she thinks it's pretty. Then she puts it on Flora like an outfit. My goodness poor Flora. I guess it's a nice dress but man, poor Flora.

Now a giant red bird takes Flora because it thinks she's food. We're flying on the yellow birds after red bird. We throw some red flower up in the air and it drops Flora. "STEELLLLAAAA" yes that's right. We finally caught Flora and Stella is so sorry no stop Stella.

Now we're with Tritannus and Icy again, and we put seal number two in the slot which drained Tritannus again. Daphne "will wait, but she will warn Bloom. Somehow." Stormy and Darcy are determined to seperate Tritannus and Icy.

Next episode preview, Tecna and Timmy are going on a date. This'll be fun.

What did you guys think of this episode?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Witty Toys Official Mermaid and 'Sweet Fairy' Images

I was going to do just episode reviews this week, but a friend of mine requested I check these out and post my opinion on them too. So here you guys go!

http://magixjourney.blogspot.com/2013/04/winx-club-sirenix-mermaid-and-sweet.html There's the images.
Witty Toys released their official promos of their new Mermaid dolls. We saw these designs years ago on those old Sirene books, it's nice we're finally getting dolls of them. It's too weird they're using Jakks heads though... I'm thinking the final dolls could have them, but it still doesn't make sense to me.

Going left to right, my opinions on them:


She's probably my least favorite of the group, she's not bad or anything but her tail is very simple and plain and I'm not big on how bright her tail is. Her top doesn't have any special stuff to it either, only that one frill. But she's not bad. I'd probably rate her 6/10. Nice, but plain.


I surprisingly really like Bloom, which is odd since I never liked that design in the Sirene books. The color they made her tail is perfect and I love those little frills coming off it at the top. It's simple, but with a little extra flair which really improves the design as a whole. I'd give her a total 7/10.


I think Stella's probably my favorite. I'm impressed they kept the oddly tan skintone from the Sirene books, it looks really good! I like the little star at the top of her tail and how she has short frills coming off all of it at the seams. Though I don't particularly like that one piece of fabric hanging off, it doesn't contribute to the design at all. Her top is a little plain as well but I think that it's balanced out by the super busy tail. I'd give her a total 7.5/10 or so.


I'm not too big on Flora. I like the frills coming out everywhere but they're upstaged by that bright green stuff on her top and arms. I think it would've worked out better if they hadn't had any on her top and just made it like Bloom's but pink, and then kept the stuff on her arms but made it pink. The bright green is too overpowering though. I'd give her a 6.5/10 or so.

What do you guys think? I wish they'd made a Musa and Tecna too, since those two have amazing Sirene designs. But I'm happy they went and made these anyway. If they came to America (which they won't, I'm just saying that like 'if they were readily available in any store') I'd probably buy at least Bloom and Stella, maybe the other two too.

'Sweet Fairy' limited doll is pretty nice too, but I'm not too big on her. I really like her outfit, but not with wings and powers... that's not a fairy outfit. That's like an odd, girly date night outfit. I like it, but not with wings and all.

Speaking of wings. Those are actually pretty nice ones. Nothing special though, just average.

I don't really have much to say about this doll. I'd probably buy her if she came to America (same thing) but I wouldn't like her as much as some of the other, not limited dolls. Overall I'd probably rate her about a 6.5 or so out of 10.

What do you guys think of her?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Review: Season 5, Episode 19: The Singing Whales

Ugh, sorry it took me so long to write this. I'm pathetic. I know I said I'd have it up Thursday or Friday but stuff happened and I got busy. But let's get started now.

So we start off with more Icy/Tritannus swimming, talking about ruling, and Tritannus says the cheesiest line to Icy about how 'she already rules' and Stormy somehow manages to become equally annoying as the happy couple by going 'lalalalalalala' with her fingers in her ears. This entire situation makes me so angry.

Wooo Pillar of Balance

More incompetent council time. These people have no idea how to interact with each other. I hate this. More Sky/his dad drama and how Eraklyon must always come first and I don't want to watch this scene. Sky pushes away Bloom and Diaspro is just Diaspro-ing do I really have to explain that?

Now we're back at Alfea and Musa, Riven, Tecna, and Flora are hanging out in the dorm. Wow. I can't believe Riven actually showed up.

Riven is humming a song and man that is NOT how you hum. He's like... jeez I can't even describe it just stop it man.

And Musa's happy since it's her mother's favorite song. So they talk about music and how wonderful it is for a while and how there's whales under the melody. So then we flashback to little Musa with her mom and this scene confuses me. It has her dad looking like he does now and her looking about 9 or so with her mom, but her mom is dead by now? Her mom died when she was still wearing the wooly uncomfortable looking outfit and her dad was younger. Why.

Well now she's wearing the most 80s getup I've ever seen in Winx Club. I guess it works. I like 80s clothing. This scene lasts like, a minute or two. This is a bit too long.

Heartfelt moment about missing your mom. Musa says especially today and Riven freaks out and runs off. Good job, Riven. And now Musa and her friends are overreacting. Getting super mad and acting like he's being bad but man he just got uncomfortable lay off.

Then they look outside and see him talking to random blonde girl from the Disco party. And now everyone thinks he's cheating on Musa. DUDE, is everything cheating to you guys?! Can't he just talk to a friend as he leaves?!

Now Kiko is having a weird scene where he sees a female bunny and they make noises that sound just like Bibble from Barbie Fairytopia it is so creepy.

So now we're back with Musa. It's the singing whales day apparently so she brings her dad up on video chat. I'm surprised her dad got to show up. We talk about how it's so fun to hear the singing whales and no one should miss it, and Musa gets to see through the phone.

Now we're back at the incompetent castle and Bloom went to her room and is crying on her bed. About how Sky's so terrible and didn't show that he loved her and pushed her away. Another Daphne vision woop. Daphne can't you just like, call Bloom? No more weird visions.

We're back with Icy and Tritannus and the man-selkies get in battle formation and ITS SO TERRIBLE BEAUSE ITS ThE SAME FORMATION THEY WERE IN TWNEtY SECONDS AGO WHENE THEY CAME ON SCREEN HELP

of course we crush them. Then Tritannus takes the seal out of the pillar and Icy says 'Rock and Roll!' and no stop that. More 'yes we got it we will rule!' How many times can you make it clear you will rule!?!? YES I GET IT

Darcy and Stormy decide to go off on their own to prove that Icy and Tritannus need them. Now with the seal being gone all the worlds are having an earthquake and it's these same Andros mermaids who can't handle any rough tides jeez

On Melody Musa's still watching the whales when Darcy and Stormy attack and do SOMETHING with the whales and no one can find them. HOW can something that big be hidden.

We all agree we need to go to Melody but we need the other girls for it too. So we all call up Bloom and we're gonna go, when an earthquake strikes the incompetent council. Don't ask what's happening Diaspro. Be quiet Diaspro. Sshhh.

Sky's dad continues to be self-centered and only focusing on his kingdom. Cough, cough, didn't we get all this drama about him picking his world over Domino in movie number two?

So now we're in Roy's boat and I still wish I knew why Roy doesn't drive it anymore. Super rough tides, the boat crashing around... I assume we're on Melody, but it doesn't really look like it. It just looks like a generic ocean.

Aaand now we're in the Infinite Ocean! Why are the selkies always just waiting for us?! Gosh darn it, you have your own jobs! Go away!

I love how Bloom and Stella say together Let's Ambush Them, and then Stella's like, "Ambush?" Dude, you said it too.

So we hide so they can't see us. For some reason the selkies come too. Why. They're not gonna help. Icy and Tritannus swim by and we question why Darcy and Stormy aren't there. I love how we keep splitting up into two groups of Tecna, Musa, and Flora, and then Bloom, Stella, and Aisha. It's like they know they're the ones that get barely any attention.

We attack! And we have a fight that I really don't want to describe because I am so bad at that. It's oddly slow-motion though and we almost kill Icy again. Icy, grow up. You used to be competent. Now you're not. Just like the Sovereign's Council. 



Aisha grabs Tritannus' trident and come on ATTACK HIM WITH IT

but nope, he manages to grab it back that is so lame. He's the one that threw it at her in the first place come ON. Don't throw your stuff if you want it back, we learn that in like 2nd grade.

Darcy and Stormy come riding up on giant evil singing whales and shows Icy. They sit there evil laughing until the next episode preview.

Speaking of the next episode preview. Diaspro, Musa helping the whales, everything you expect. Looks like just an extension of this episode. It'll probably be good.

What did you guys think of this episode?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Could these be the Winx's wishes?

Sorry you guys don't get an episode review today. It's taking me longer than usual. So instead you get this.

On Nick's latest Winx Club quiz, Who's Your Winx Monster Match? (here's a link! http://www.nick.com/quizzes/winx-club-whos-your-winx-monster-match-quiz.html), one of the questions is about Sirenix wishes.

Now whether you want to admit, Nick's quizzes... are the kind of super obvious quizzes, where let's say it's to find out what Winx you're most like-- it asks you what color hair you have. Just, like, THOSE quizzes. You should all know what I mean.

Which makes me wonder... could these options be the Winx Club's Sirenix wishes? Or something Nick made up? The quiz covers four fairies, basically. Bloom, Flora, Aisha, and Tecna. 

These answers aren't so obvious I can easily match them each up to a girl, but here's my guess:

An end to world hunger; Tecna
An end to all fighting; Bloom
To fix global warming; Flora
I'd wish for the safety of my family; Aisha

Bloom and Tecnas were the main challenge. I wasn't sure which one went with who, so who knows on that one.

These wishes... don't seem very good to me. Aisha's seems like it could work, but the others? No way. They're all way too big things, plus if you end all fighting... what are you gonna do in Season 6, anyway?

But you never know. This is one of "those" quizzes.

What do you guys think? Do you think these could be the Winx Club's wishes? (also, PS. I got the Devourer for my result! What'd you guys get?)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Jakks Pacific SDCC Daphne Doll

LOOOOOOOK what's coming out..!!!!

You guys better be SUPER excited because man this is amazing. She's officially on ToysRUs Canada's site! http://www.toysrus.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=20365846

I love that they actually made her orange. None of the other companies had the guts to do that and look at how amazing it turned out. She's orange and she looks exactly like the CGI.

I think it'd be better if the dress was a color a bit further from her skin, but hey I'm not gonna complain too much about this because we're getting a Daphne. 

I love the things on her arms. They look torn. Which works for a spirit.

It doesn't look like she has a face; that's kinda cool and creepy at the same time. I mean, of course I see lips, but that's because they're molded on. I wonder if she'll even have like, eye outlines or something.

I'm loving the molded on hair/mask/hat whatever that is. I know people would probably complain it's molded and not real hair but MAN, do you really want that in real hair? That doesn't even look like real hair in the TV show!

So it also looks like she's going to be a Comic Con doll. That's a little bit of a pain but since Winx Club isn't extremely popular it should be fine. Blue Bloom went up on TRU Canada's website like this, too-- so my guess this girl is going to be limited to 1010.

I wonder if they will make equivalents to Silver and Gold Bloom, too? I can't think what they could be though. Maybe one would be 2D Daphne?

But anyway, I am SOOOO excited!!

What do you guys think of her? Do you plan to get her? Do you think they'll make Silver and Gold equivalents?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review: Jakks Pacific: Pink Enchantix Bloom Doll

Sorry I've been so inactive lately guys. I'm pathetic. @__@ I'll try to do better!

SO, I finally got Pink Bloom. That took a while. I ended up having to get her online. Oh well; at least I have her! I really love her, too. Let's get started!
Let's go Enchantix! 
I'm sorry my photos look so horrible this time. I truthfully have no idea what in the world happened. As usual, let's start with the toes and head up!

Her shoes are the same as the Jakks Enchantix and Sophix ones, but instead of blue, green, or orange, they're black. Personally I think it looks pretty cute. They're not clear like the other ones either.

Underneath she has socks. I really don't know how high they're supposed to go. Since I can't get mine up past her knees... not because they're too small, but the dang knee joint is too big. :T Whatever. I'm guessing to her knees anyway.

It's really unfashionable to wear socks with sandals but I think Bloom pulls it off. I like how high these socks are. They're even higher than Believix Flora's.

Next up is her skirt. That thing is detailed, man. It has three layers. None of them are completely full though. The bottom layer is pink, and the material of um... how do I describe it? Those green frilly parts on the Aisha Believix doll. What's that material called? Is it tulle? I think it's tulle but it's a weird kind of tulle. 

Anyway. The bottom layer is pink and a little sparkly. Then the next layer up is a nice duller pink, with tons of around that color pink sparkles coated on the bottom part of it. Then the next layer up is super light pink, and coated with lighter, less saturated sparkles than the middle one.

This skirt seems extremely uncomfortable in real life since it barely moves at all but hey. This is a doll. Though can't you imagine fighting evil with a skirt that's super stiff?

Yes, I know this picture is ridiculously bright. I don't even know why.
And then she has this middle black piece I don't even know how to describe. It's... kinda like a corset? But not really. It's really stiff but once again. This is a doll. It has a slit in the middle which at the top of there's a little plastic heart jewel. It's a little tacky but in a cute way.

The bottom edge of it tends to kinda poke up if it was packaged wrong, as you can see in the above picture. It doesn't really make a difference though. 

The top edge is lace and really cute!

Underneath that she has a pink... I don't know what to call this material either. DANG it. It's shimmery but not really. It has dots but. Kind of? I'm not even trying to explain it. Never mind.

Anyway. That has a slit at the top too! I really like it. It's also a turtleneck, which makes me unbelievably angry because NOW Jakks does a turtleneck. WHY DIDNT THEY WITH EVERYDAY AND CHARMIX BLOOMS??? Those needed it more!!!

At the top of it is a little bow, which is the same material as that black stiff sparkly thing corset thing. There are so many things on this doll I don't know what are called. I guess that's a good sign.

I really like her gloves! They're just like the ones on Blue SDCC Bloom, but longer. 

And here are her wings and face! Her wings are, surprisingly enough, a different mold than normal Enchantix's. Don't know why they did that, but hey, I'm fine with it. I like this mold better. They're really cute and glittery. And the other side is really different! I actually like it better, but there's no switching them. You'll see them in my next photo.

Her face is almost, not quite the same as the Believix/Enchantix one. It's all the same except she has giant silver glitter caked on to her eyeshadow. It's almost comical how much there is but it's adorable and actually really pretty. Other than that though, it's the same.

This is her hair-- and the back of her wings. Her hair is the same as the Believix/Enchantix hair but surprisingly nicer and softer. I don't know if it's just mine or what, but it's actually curled really nicely. Never brush it though.


Instead of the usual purple rubberbands on that hairstyle this one's got pink.

And here's a comparison of the two girls! They're really, really different.

I think I like Pink Enchantix's outfit better. The colors on normal are better since they're accurate, but the actual clothing itself is much more accurate on Pink. Like, the pieces and parts and all. If you turned them the correct colors, this doll would be the best ever.

You can also see the wing differences in this picture. Normal's are much taller, and there's a gap between the top and bottom parts, while Pink's are shorter and there's no gap. They also have little jewels hanging off while normal doesn't.

I felt obligated to show you guys the differences between the hair. Do you see this? I've never brushed either doll's hair. This is, for the most part, straight out of the box, except I might've moved it around a little on each. Do you see what I mean now by Pink's hair is curled much nicer? Does ANYONE have a nice haired normal one? I know Sophix had nice hair so I'm just wondering.

And last but not least, a pretty useless facial comparison because I still don't know what happened with my photos. Generally the same, but a little different as you can see here, just in the eyeshadow. Any other differences you see in this picture is just my terrible photos.

Overall, I'd rate this doll a 9.5/10. Extremely pretty, and an amazing doll! But I'm not big on the color combo and would've proffered another one. She's $30 which is a pretty big price hike from the other Deluxe dolls, but I do think she's worth it, she's overall much higher quality.

What do you guys think of the doll? Do you like her or normal Enchantix better?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Witty Toys Sirenix Dolls


There's a link, since I'm not sure if these images are leaked or what? I'll pull down the link if it turns out they are. :P

Credit to Winxisawesome of One&OnlyWinxClub for posting this on BelieveInWinx forum!

Anyway! I know there's been a lot of confusion about just what these dolls are. They're Witty. No, I don't have any confirmation or anything, but I'm positive that's what they are. 

They have Witty bodies. Those definitely aren't Jakks-- Jakks are much more slender and skinny. Less curvy as well.

Yes, I know they have Jakks Pacific heads on them... but Witty's weird. I've seen them do this before-- they modeled their outfits on Jakks dolls. I guess they just stuck Jakks heads on them so they wouldn't be taking pictures of headless dolls because these aren't finished. They most definitely won't come out with Jakks heads, because even apart from that, these are the Believix hairstyles. They'd have unique Sirenix hairstyles if these were the final heads.

Now that that's been cleared up. I actually quite like these bodies. I don't get the lack of accuracy though-- what's up with Flora's tights? Why no pink? They are pink in the show, right? There's also something weird going on with Aisha's outft I can't place. 

I doubt these are even the final outfits though, because in case you guys don't remember, Witty released many different images of their Harmonix line before they came out, and they looked way different than the final versions. So maybe these will be more accurate when the time comes.

What do you guys think of them? Do you have a different theory on what they are? Are you excited to see what Jakks does when it's their turn?