Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Review: Season 5, Episode 20: Problems of Love

Okay, I'm pathetic. I'm sorry. But I am finally writing this. You're getting a doll review next though. Episode reviews are harder to write than they look and I need something inbetween. Do you guys want City Style Bloom or Flora? 

Well, we start off exactly where we left off. The demon singing whales are here and everyone's distraught because they're evil now. 

Heeey. Their song, it's horrible. Reminds me of Mermaid Melody. Though these horrible "uuuuuhug!" motions of pain are just too bouncy. It looks awkward. I'm getting tired of Icy. Never ever ever leaving Tritannus? Well guess what! Later in the season, you, will never ever ever... get back together!

These whales are sitting here causing us ultimate pain. Strong whales, man. They finally get up and Bloom is about to attack the thing but NOPE, Musa says we can't hurt it. Why can't we ever hurt our enemies?! It's always someone saying not to! Usually Flora though!

Though at least this time Musa has a legit reason; that Melody can't function without them. Okay, I give you a pass, Musa. JUST GET OUT ICY AND TRITANNUS WHY ARE ALL OF YOUR LINES THE SAME

Now she's singing to the darn things and it sounds nothing like Romi Dames at all. I mean, it's really pretty, but this does not sound like her. She tells them to go home. How do giant whales get out of the Infinite Ocean and back to their own planet alone? They're gonna be swimming around space all afternoon aren't they.

So we head to the Pillar of Balance (wooo) and we've got to stabilize it. NO IT'S TIME FOR CONVERGENCE. Someone needs to count how many times we've done Convergence so far this Season. Come ooooon. Hey it worked. I still hate convergence.

Now we're riding up Melody on ROY'S YACHT. WITHOUT ROY. We have a small father/daughter moment and Musa mentions how maybe she could use her Sirenix wish to bring back her mom, but she knows it's not right.


Now we're talking to Faragonda about needing to acquire new skills. We need to 'understand the natural world'. Well, that's specific.

We need to understand how they work. Oh no stop Stella. Nature shouldn't be your new inspiration. You don't need a new inspiration stop stop.

We're in our room now and she's video-chatting to Brandon, listing off a million things she could totally do with nature but when he says the truth that that's too many things, she pretends the cellphone is breaking up and hangs up on him. Oh get out Stella.

Oh poor Flora is now her muse. Stella stop.

Tecna and Timmy are texting and looks like it's just time to talk about our boyfriends because Musa is talking about how she thinks Riven is cheating on her. HE'S NOT

Bloom is wondering about Sky and Sky is wondering about Bloom. No one can decide whether or not to call each other and then GUESS WHO WALKS IN DIASPRO YEAH HER


Diaspro calls Bloom to let her know she's gonna handle all of Sky's phonecalls from now on. I am so tired of Diaspro. I hate Diaspro.

Sky is in a big meeting talking about the incompetent council's subject when Bloom calls. Bloom you couldn't pick a worse time to become the relationship drama queen. Why did everyone decide to think about their boyfriends at once?!

Kiko draws a picture of Sky in a meeting and HOW DID HE KNOW 

Bloom says it can't wait yes it can Bloom stop that this relationship drama is just making me angry at this point. His phone rings again and DIASPRO SAYS SHE TOLD HER HE WAS IN A MEETING DIASPRO JUST LEAVE

Sky's mom lets him take the call but he missed her. Now Bloom's crying on her bed. "Did you try his cell?" "He didn't answer." HE WAS IN A MEETING.

Looks like miss guardian of sirenix was eavesdropping on all of our relationship drama. She sounds JUST like someone who is it. It's someone out of a Disney movie. It could be Grandmother Willow but I don't tthink so WHO is it she sounds just like.

She gives us some relationship advice about how if Bloom doesn't think he's interested in Diaspro she has nothing to worry about. "Maybe Diaspro isn't the problem, maybe I am." No you both are.

Flora reminds her of the pendant and how it shows his love for her and now everything is okay. Alright that took a while.

We're in our adventure outfits and we're going to the Alfea Aviary! That's pretty. "Ah! Nature! Right, my muse?" GO AWAY STELLA

No powers in here, only our intuition. Alright. We step in and a giant bird tries to eat Flora. That's nice. We're all running from the giant birds and hiding in flowers. We figure out the birds just wanted to eat some flowers we were in the way of so we decide to find some more to make a peace offering. 

There are some weird wind currents that apparently are just so amazing to be in. Come on you guys, you have wings and you fly you should know this feeling.

So we gathered a bunch of flowers and are holding them out for them to eat and take. But NOPE, Stella has to grab a red flower because she thinks it's pretty. Then she puts it on Flora like an outfit. My goodness poor Flora. I guess it's a nice dress but man, poor Flora.

Now a giant red bird takes Flora because it thinks she's food. We're flying on the yellow birds after red bird. We throw some red flower up in the air and it drops Flora. "STEELLLLAAAA" yes that's right. We finally caught Flora and Stella is so sorry no stop Stella.

Now we're with Tritannus and Icy again, and we put seal number two in the slot which drained Tritannus again. Daphne "will wait, but she will warn Bloom. Somehow." Stormy and Darcy are determined to seperate Tritannus and Icy.

Next episode preview, Tecna and Timmy are going on a date. This'll be fun.

What did you guys think of this episode?


  1. A City Style Flora doll review would be nice. (Then again, I'm biased because I honestly prefer her to Bloom.)

  2. Hey, are you going to post again soon? I really like your blog, and I've been missing you a lot~